Sonja Tkachuk Clinical Hypnotherapist

Private Hypnotherapy dedicated to helping intelligent women, who may feel unfulfilled and stuck, reach their full potential by letting go of whatever is weighing them down

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Hypnotherapy by Sonja

Clinical Hypnotherapist In Courtenay, British Columbia

ARCH Canada Accredited and Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist. Extensively Trained and experienced, private confidential sessions, located in the beautiful comox valley on Vancouver Island. Specialties are anxiety, insomnia, depression and trauma.

Areas Of Expertise

Insomnia, anti- anxiety, depression and trauma

common questions

Yes,  Hypnotherapy uses neuroscience to rewire the brain and helps you break those unwanted habits and form new beneficial ones.

You will always come out of hypnosis within a short time.

Hypnosis can do many things! It can help you with controlling addictions, losing weight, improving sleep and insomnia, managing chronic pain, reducing anxiety, dealing with unhealed childhood issues, changing undesired habits and creating beneficial ones.

No. Hypnosis can NOT make a person do anything they would not want to do, nor influence them to do something dangerous, unethical or illegal.

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness where the body is deeply relaxed and the mind is in a state of heightened awareness. Hypnosis is a purely natural state that allows direct access to the subconscious mind, where our learned behaviour pattern-making systems reside.

Registered (Clinical) Hypnotherapists have successfully fulfilled requirements of education, supervision and clinical experience to the satisfaction of the Association for certification in their professional registration level.

All Registered Professional Members are extensively screened, including Criminal Record Checks and must carry Professional Liability Insurance.

Some third-party payment plans such as Extended Health Care Insurance and Employee/Family Assistance Programs may pay partial or total coverage for Hypnotherapy services.

Become a Hypnotherapist

The only thing more rewarding and fulfilling than helping people with my own hypnotherapy practice has been utilizing my training and experience to mentor and teach others to do the same. If you are interested in learning how to become a clinical hypnotherapist or want to know more about hypnosis training, you can learn more by following the link below or emailing [email protected]     

If you don't try something new, your future will look exactly like your past

Hypnosis is currently an unregulated industry. Choose a hypnotherapist who is accredited and registered in your region.

I was Certified by ARCH Canada 2019.

I continue to complete further educational studies to remain current and to meet registration renewal criteria.

Hypnotherapy by Sonja

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